Civil Defence CBT Test Date 2023/2024 NSCDC Aptitude Test Date and Time

Do you want to know about Civil Defence CBT Test Date 2023? If yes, you are on the right page. sit tight and read as we provide you with vital information about NSCDC aptitude test date and time.

The Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment Aptitude Test Centers have been announced. The dates, times, and venues for the Nigeria Civil Defence (NSCDC) CBT Exam Aptitude Test have been released. All candidates can now check and find out when they will be taking their NSCDC CBT Examination.

Complete information regarding the locations, times, and dates for all 36 Nigerian states, as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has been provided for the NSCDC CBT Exam Aptitude Test intended for all successfully shortlisted candidates.

Is Civil Defence CBT Test Date Out?

The date for the 2023 CDCFIB Computer-Based Aptitude Test for Recruitment into the Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has been officially determined. The Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire and Immigration Services Board (CDCFIB) has set a specific date for this purpose.

All candidates who have been selected for this exercise must ensure that they arrive at their respective examination venues on time to avoid disqualification.

NSCDC Aptitude Test Date 2023

The date for the second stage (Stage Two) of the CDCFIB Recruitment Exercise has been scheduled. All candidates need to click on the link associated with the service they most recently applied for.

Upon being prompted, they should provide their information to confirm their eligibility for the CBT, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

To gain access, you are required to input the following information:

  • Application Code
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth

After entering these details, proceed to search. It is essential to accurately input these details to avoid errors. To access the official portal, visit

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has advised all shortlisted candidates for the CDCFIB Computer-Based Aptitude Test to start checking their email accounts and phones for information regarding their exam centers, starting from lunchtime on Friday.

This indicates that all shortlisted candidates will receive either an SMS on their Phone Numbers or an email containing details about the NSCDC, Civil Defense CBT Exam Venues, and Centers.

To ensure compliance, candidates must carefully note the precise sessions and examination times as specified in the notification message.

Frequently Asked Questions on Civil Defence CBT Test Date

How Much is Civil Defence Salary in Nigeria?

The NSCDC’s highest-paid position is held by the Chief, earning ₦305,332 per month and a yearly income of ₦2,464,560. Conversely, the Associate Cadre receives the lowest recompense, with a monthly wage of ₦31,188 and an annual pay of ₦374,259.

Is Civil Defence Shortlist out for 2023?

Exciting update! The NSCDC has release the list of selected candidates for 2023. Check your screening status by accessing the conclusive PDF list on the official Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps site at www.cdfipb.

How Much is NSCDC Training Allowance?

NSCDC provides a range of training allowances starting at ₦18,000, with potential for increase over time. Additionally, officers have access to supplementary benefits like post-retirement gratuity and pensions through the Nigerian Federal Government.

How Much is Civil Defence Salary in Nigeria?

At the pinnacle of remuneration stands the NSCDC Chief, earning ₦305,332 per month and an annual income of ₦2,464,560. In contrast, the Associate Cadre receives the most modest compensation, with monthly earnings of ₦31,188 and an annual income of ₦374,259.

Is Civil Defence Shortlist out for 2023?

Great news! The NSCDC has unveiled the 2023 list of shortlisted candidates. To find out if you made it to the screening, check the PDF final list on the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps website at www.cdfipb.

How Much is NSCDC Training Allowance?

NSCDC offers diverse training allowances, commencing at ₦18,000 with room for growth. Officers can also access other perks, including gratuity and pensions post-retirement under the Federal Government of Nigeria.

How much is Civil Defence Salary for Graduates?

The salary for graduates in Civil Defence varies based on their rank and level. Entry-level positions earning generally start around ₦34,288 to ₦50,000 and potentially increasing as officers progress through the ranks.