Civil Defence Portal Login For 2023 NSCDC Application Process

Civil Defence Portal Login: For civil defense recruitment, use or portal login, as they are the official websites. Find the latest updates below.

The NSCDC 2023 recruitment process is accessible through the official portal. Follow these steps to sign in successfully.

The CDFIPB website caters to Nigeria’s paramilitary recruitment needs, including the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, and Prisons Services Board.

Don’t miss any crucial information on the CDFIPB page, and after reading this guide, you’ll effortlessly navigate the portal for application. Application Portal Login

Now, you have the convenience of using your phone or laptop to access the application portal and remember, the entire process is free.

All the necessary requirements and information are available on the CDFIPB portal for your perusal. The civil defence recruitment portal,, is open for applications.

After applying online, you’ll take the Computer Based Test on the portal, and your results will be accessible through the dashboard login.

Keep your login details ready, visit, and enter the information in the provided area to access your dashboard with ease.

Basic Requirements for the 2023 NSCDC Application Process

To apply for the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), candidates must meet specific requirements as follows:

  • For the NSCDC application must be a Nigerian citizen is a prerequisite. Each position has its unique requirements, so ensure you possess the necessary documents.
  • Physical fitness is essential for all paramilitary organizations, so be in good shape before applying.
  • Your behavioural attitude will also be closely examined, so maintain proper conduct.
  • The age range for applicants is 18 to 30.
  • Male applicants, the minimum height requirement is 1.65m, while female applicants must be at least 1.60m tall.

How to Apply via Civil Defence Portal Login

To apply, visit the Civil Defence website at Before submitting your application for NSCDC posts, verify the prerequisites on the portal.

The closing date for cdfipb recruitment is yet to be determined, so apply as soon as possible. You’re allowed only one application.

Accessing and applying through is entirely free, so avoid paying anyone.

For updates, comment on the page, and we’ll keep you informed about Civil Defence 2023 Portal. Let us know your queries, and we’ll respond promptly.

Civil Defence Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Is Civil Defence Form 2023 Out?

Exciting news for aspiring recruits! The Civil Defence Recruitment 2023 is now open, allowing easy access to the NSCDC Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Registration Form on their official portal

How Much is Civil Defence Salary in Nigeria?

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Chief, with a monthly salary of ₦305,332 and an annual income of ₦2,464,560, holds the top spot in pay. On the other hand, the Associate Cadre receives the lowest compensation, earning ₦31,188 monthly and ₦374,259 annually.

Is Civil Defence Shortlist out for 2023?

Great news! The NSCDC has unveiled the 2023 list of shortlisted candidates. To find out if you made it to the screening, check the PDF final list on the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps website at www.cdfipb.

How Much is NSCDC Training Allowance?

NSCDC offers diverse training allowances, commencing at ₦18,000 with room for growth. Officers can also access other perks, including gratuity and pensions post-retirement under the Federal Government of Nigeria.

How Much is Assistant Superintendent Salary in NSCDC?

An Assistant Superintendent Cadre I in NSCDC receives a base salary of N121,000 per month, but with extra allowances and bonuses, their average monthly earnings can reach N200,000 to N250,000.

Is NSCDC a Federal Job?

As a paramilitary body operating under the Nigerian government, the NSCDC is charged with the crucial duty of protecting the nation and its populace from potential dangers, attacks, and calamities. It stands as a formidable safeguard for the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its inhabitants.

What is the Rank of HND Holder in NSCDC?

As per a confidential group leader, HND holders joined NSCDC as Inspector of Corps at Grade Level 07 in 2012. NCE holders and degree holders followed a comparable process, attaining Grade Level 07 and Grade Level 08, respectively, during that year.

What is the Work of Civil Defence in Nigeria?

NSCDC’s core responsibility is safeguarding lives and assets alongside the Nigerian police. Crucially, they protect pipelines from vandalism and engage in crisis resolution.

What are the Five Roles of Civil Defence in Nigeria?

The NSCDC holds the authority to arrest individuals with or without a warrant, detain them, and initiate legal actions against those reasonably suspected of committing offences. They also investigate and preempt acts of terrorism, promptly notifying relevant federal security agencies.

What are the Duties of a Civil Defence Officer in Nigeria?

Let’s explore the primary roles of NSCDC: upholding peace, safeguarding civilians during emergencies, and offering vital emergency medical aid.

What is the Uniform of Civil Defence in Nigeria?

The fresh attire consists of navy blue trousers and a white shirt with a red collar. According to Audi, it’s designated as ‘officers wear number 5C’, with the white shirt representing peace.

How Many Month is Civil Defence Training?

Though the precise training duration remains uncertain, a credible source suggests it could span 5 to 6 months. The program aims to equip new officers with self-defence skills and an in-depth comprehension of the NSCDC.

When did Civil Defence Start in Nigeria?

Act 3 of 2003 created the NSCDC, bestowing it with significant security duties. Subsequently, the Act was amended in 2007 to bolster and enhance the Corps for improved service provision.

What is the Motto of the NSCDC?

The concise yet profound NSCDC motto reads “DEFENDING THE DEFENCELESS,” encapsulating its meaningful purpose.