EFCC Salary Structure, Training Allowances and Ranks 2023

EFCC Salary Structure, Training Allowances, and Ranks 2023: View the EFCC Salary for O Level/SSCE, Diploma, OND, HND, and B.Sc. below.

This essay covers EFCC’s Pay Structure 2023, Ranks, and Salary. EFCC, a federal agency in Nigeria, investigates financial crimes like theft, money laundering, and insider trading.

Established in 2003, it aims to safeguard Nigeria’s economy. Note that EFCC and ICPC are separate entities, though sharing a common goal. Further distinctions can be found here.

What is the EFCC’s Salary Structure?

The EFCC has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. The commission has a staff of roughly 10,000 workers and an annual budget of more than 600 million naira ($2 million).

Additionally, rank affects the EFCC’s pay structure. According to their position within the company, employees are paid differently.

  • There are three groups under which the EFCC ranks are divided.
  • Detective Superintendent.
  • Investigative Bureau
  • Cadres of the Cadets with detective experience.

EFCC Salary Structure 2023 and Ranks

An entry-level employee at the EFCC makes about 168,500 per month on average. Nevertheless, the EFCC’s (Economic Financial Crime Commission) average monthly salary is £250,200.

The average yearly salary for a deputy detective at the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) is about 245,800.

The Graduate Assistant Salary at the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) is roughly 270,085 Naira.

The Entry Level Salary for EFCC Graduate Assistant

The EFCC offers competitive salaries to its Graduate Assistants, with an average of 170,700 per month as per the 2023 pay structure.

Besides a fair salary, employees enjoy benefits like flexible work hours, ample leave, and a top-notch pension plan.

The new pay structure also indicates potential raises for officers based on their roles and rankings, making it an excellent opportunity to work for the EFCC.

Full Meaning of Efcc Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Meaning of EFCC?

On December 12, 2002, President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration passed an act of the National Assembly creating the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, or EFCC.

How Much Is EFCC Salary?

An entry-level employee at the EFCC receives a monthly salary of around 168,500. even if an EFCC (Economic Financial Crime Commission) employee has an average monthly salary of 250,200.

What is the WWW Meaning of EFCC?

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is referred to as EFCC. All economic and financial crime legislation in Nigeria must be enforced, according to the Commission’s mandate.

What Is EFCC and ICPC?

While the ICPC focuses on corruption in the public sector, particularly bribery, gratification, graft, and abuse or misuse of office, the EFCC is authorized to look into and prosecute cases of money laundering and other financial crimes as well as investigate people who appear to be living beyond their means in all sectors.

How Long Is EFCC Training?

The management of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has stated that the EFCC physical training exercise for all pre-selected candidates will take place this year and that all applicants whose names appeared on the EFCC shortlist should attend. Two (2) weeks will pass during the EFCC training.

How Can I Join EFCC?

You must put in a lot of effort in order to be taken into consideration for this hiring. You must first register online at www.efccnigeria.org or www.efcc.gov ng EFCC Recruitment 2023 Application Portal before they can consider you for the EFCC Recruitment 2023.

Is EFCC Also Police?

A Nigerian law enforcement organization called the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) looks into financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (419 fraud) and money laundering.

What Are the Courses In EFCC?

The Academy is about to launch certificated programs, including Certificate Programmes, National Diplomas, Post-Graduate Diplomas, and Masters Degrees in Law Enforcement Studies, Anti-Corruption, Cybercrimes, Digital Forensics, and Forensic Accounting, in partnership with respected Tertiary Institutions…

How Can I Become a EFCC Officer In Nigeria?

On the website www.efccnigeria.org, you can apply for EFCC jobs and also be shortlisted. Most notably, there is no cost to apply for the EFCC recruiting 2023. If you want to apply for any open positions with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), be sure to keep this in mind.

Who Is the Current Head of EFCC In Nigeria?

Mr. Abdulkarim Chukkol has taken over as acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission following Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa’s suspension as executive chairman of the commission by the federal government on Tuesday, June 14, 2023.

Who Is In Charge of EFCC In Nigeria?

President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, selected Abdulrasheed Bawa as the fourth Executive Chairman of the EFCC on February 16, 2021. On February 24, 2021, the Senate approved his appointment.

How Old Is EFCC Chairman?

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was headed by Abdulrasheed Bawa (born 30 April 1980), a Nigerian detective and law enforcement official, from 24 February 2021 to 14 June 2023, when President Bola Tinubu removed him due to charges of corruption.

What Is the Height Requirement For EFCC?

Furthermore, the information stated that candidates for the recruitment, in addition to other legal requirements, “Must not be more than 27 years old, must be single; Height (Minimum Male:1.67m; Female:1.64m); must have Body Mass Index (BMI) of not more than 30 (Not obese); and Chest Measurement (Not less than 34inches for Males).

Does EFCC Have Academy?

Chukkol went on to say that the EFCC Academy has the necessary resources to provide law enforcement personnel with year-round training for continual capacity development.

Can I Apply EFCC With SSCE?

The EFCC gives all prospective employees equal opportunities. The Commission hires new employees when the need arises, and this recruitment may be general or targeted. SSCE graduate with at least 5 credits in English and maths.