Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance 2023

Check out the most recent details regarding the Lagos State CSC wage scale from Grades 1–17 in 2023. Lagos State Civil Service Wage Structure & Allowance.

Lagos State’s Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, surprised public employees with a pay hike to combat soaring inflation and living costs. He cited global inflation, high commodity prices, and rising expenses as reasons for the move.

 Sanwo-Olu announced the decision during an impromptu visit to the Secretariat in Alausa, the nation’s capital, where government workers had gathered to welcome him. The wage increase also extended to employees of major established agencies, with a 25% raise.

Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure Update

Analysts estimate that if Lagos were a nation, it would have Africa’s fifth-largest economy. The governor, who is in charge of making all major decisions for Lagos State, is also a representative in the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of government.

In this post, the remuneration scheme for government servants in the Lagos State Government for this year will be discussed. In Nigeria’s richest state, how much money do government workers make? Immediately, let’s find out.

Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure 2023

The compensation of the Lagos State Government’s civil sector personnel reportedly increased by more than 25%, according to sources.

In recent years, the Lagos State minimum salary increased from about $19,000 to over $62,000.

In the Lagos State Government public service, new hires might anticipate earning between 62,000 and 82,096 per month (Grade Level 1) after taxes but excluding allowances.

Grade levelSalary range (N)
01₦62,000 – ₦82,096
02₦ 63,000 – ₦90,000
03₦ 65,000 – ₦97,000
04₦ 68,000 – ₦106,000
05₦ 77,000 – ₦123,000
06₦ 95,000 – ₦150,000
07₦ 127,000 – ₦ 195,000
08₦ 165,000 – ₦ 245,000
09₦ 195,000 – ₦ 290,000
10₦ 229,000 – ₦ 333,000
12₦ 265,000 –  ₦ 380,000
13₦ 294,000  –  ₦ 418,000
14₦ 326,000 –  ₦ 438,000
15₦ 361,000 –  ₦ 503,000
16₦ 399,000 –  ₦ 567,000
17₦ 444,011 – ₦ 640,000

Lagos State Civil Service Allowance 2023

Paid time off, meal subsidies, transport, utilities, entertainment, etc. are some additional benefits. In Lagos, civil servants are given a stipend that is 25% of their annual salary.

Lagos State Civil Service Salary Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Level 9 Salary in Lagos State?

Level 9: The employees’ salaries range from N193,819 to N289,324. Their yearly salaries are N2,435,828 and N3,459,888, respectively. The starting salary for workers with master’s degrees is this amount.

What is the Salary Increase in Lagos State in 2023?

“Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, today, approves a 20 percent increase in the salaries of civil servants in the mainstream public service, Local Government Areas & Local Council Development Areas as well as SUBEB,” he tweeted. “Starting on January 1, 2023, the new salary structure will be in place.”

What is the Salary Structure of LNSC?

According to multiple websites, the monthly salary for the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) ranges from about 19,500 Naira for SSCE certificate holders to more than 53,000 Naira for bachelor’s degree and HND diploma holders.

How Much is Civil Servant Salary in Lagos State?

The compensation for personnel in the civil sector was boosted by more than 25% by the Lagos State Government. New hires in the Lagos State Government public service might anticipate making between 62,000 and 82,096 per month (Grade Level 1) after taxes but excluding allowances, according to current estimates.

How Much is Lagos State Teacher Salary?

In Lagos, the average wage for a teacher is NGN 70,000 per month, which is 33% more than the comparable compensation paid by the Lagos State Government, which is NGN 52,500 per month.

How Much is Lagos State Governor Salary?

The annual basic salary for the state governor is N2,223,705 and the annual leave allowance is N222,370.50, for a total annual income of N11,540,896.

Has Lagos State Increase Salary?

Shortly after being elected to a second term as governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu raised the salary of state employees by 20%.

What is the Salary of Flexiele?

In Flexiele, the yearly pay is on average INR 6.1 lakhs. Salary projections are based on 75 Flexiele’s most recent salary as reported by a variety of Flexiele workers.

What is the Lowest Salary of Civil Service?

According to the 7th Pay Commission, the starting IAS salary is 56,100 INR, and it can increase to 2,50,000 INR for a cabinet secretary.

What is Allowance in Civil Service?

Allowances are financial rewards given to an officer other than a salary for a particular purpose.

Who is the Best Teacher in Lagos State?

At a nationwide ceremony conducted recently in Abuja to celebrate the annual World Teachers’ Day, the Federal Ministry of Education named Miss Adeola Adefemi, an English teacher at the Oke-Odo Senior High School, Alimosho in Lagos State, as the country’s top educator.

How Much is Lagos State Revenue Monthly?

With N267,232,774,434.06 in H1 2021, Lagos State had the largest internal revenue, followed by FCT with N69,072,879,664.43 and Rivers State with N57,324,672,372.42.

How Much is Templars Salary in Lagos?

The average compensation for an Associate in Lagos is NGN 611,500 per month, which is 0% less than the average income for Templars Barristers and Solicitors for this position, which is NGN 616,667 per month. What is the Associate’s salary progression? An Associate’s income progression varies by geography and organization.

How Much is Legal Secretary Salary Near Lagos?

In 2023, the majority of Legal secretaries will make between $25,645 and $75,495 monthly. Entry-level legal secretaries can expect to make between $25,645 and $61,020 per month. Their monthly salary after five years of employment will range from $24,654 to $55,159.

What is the Salary Scale of Lagos State Teachers?

In Lagos, the average wage for a teacher is NGN 70,000 per month, which is 33% more than the comparable compensation paid by the Lagos State Government, which is NGN 52,500 per month.