NGO Jobs In Nigeria Today 2023/2024 Available Vacancies For All Applicants

Looking for a meaningful career in health, agriculture, or part-time work with international NGO jobs in Nigeria? Look no further than this 2023 guide, featuring job openings in major cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Maiduguri, and beyond.

Discover a wealth of opportunities in Nigeria for NGOs specializing in agriculture, medicine, public health, nursing, security, pharmacy, volunteering, driving, education, health, and civil engineering.

These positions are known to be highly rewarding in terms of both income and job satisfaction, making them sought-after in Africa and worldwide.

Your qualifications and genuine passion will play a vital role in standing out from the competition. Take the leap and be the first to seize your fortunate break.

NGO Jobs In Nigeria Today 2023

International NGO jobs in Nigeria are highly sought after, offering not just better pay but also the allure of mobility. However, with a large pool of unemployed youth and skilled individuals, competition for these positions is fierce, and only the most qualified succeed.

To increase your chances, timely application is key. Fortunately, by staying informed and conducting thorough research, you can always discover new job opportunities as they arise. Here are some NGO job options in Nigeria for 2023.

NGO Jobs in Nigeria to Keep an Eye Out for

In addition to the mentioned professions, you might find the following roles appealing. To secure NGO employment in Nigeria, it’s crucial to cast a wide net and apply to as many opportunities as possible.

There is a range of available positions, from entry-level opportunities for non-graduates to graduate positions and even managerial and supervisory roles.

List of NGOs in Nigeria

Here are some Nigerian NGOs you should know about.

1. FHI 360 Nigeria
2. Action Against Hunger Nigeria
3. World Health Organization (WHO) Nigeria
4. International Medical Crops Nigeria
5. World Food Program Nigeria
6. Hellen Keller Foundation, Nigeria
7. Chemonics International Nigeria
8. Oxfam Nigeria
9. International Rescue Committee Nigeria
10. Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI)Nigeria
11. Norwegian Refugee Nigeria
12. Mercy Crop Nigeria
13. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Nigeria
14. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
15. United Nations Children’s Fund (Formerly called UNICEF) Nigeria

Explore a variety of NGO job opportunities available for individuals interested in working for non-profit organizations. Apply now! 

Jhpiego Nigeria Job Recruitment

As a renowned global NGO, Jhpiego offers an attractive benefits package encompassing life and disability insurance, retirement plans, health and dental coverage, flexible spending accounts, and educational support.

While benefits for local staff vary by country, exciting job opportunities are currently available at Jhpiego Nigeria.

IOM Job Recruitment

Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) stands as the primary intergovernmental agency focused on migration.

Committed to the belief that humane and organized movement benefits migrants and society, IOM is currently recruiting for a wide range of roles suitable for both graduates and non-graduates.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Job Recruitment

Exciting employment opportunities await you with the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) in prominent Nigerian cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos.

UNDP seeks professionals for consultant roles and other portfolio positions as per evolving needs. Explore the UNDP Recruitment Form 2023 Application & Career Portal for more information.

High Commission of Pakistan Job Recruitment

The Pakistan High Commission in Nigeria has several job openings in Lagos within the commercial sector.

Candidates with a university degree and relevant professional experience are encouraged to apply.

Palladium Group Job Recruitment

Palladium Group, a renowned global leader with a workforce of over 2,500 employees, is seeking talented individuals to fill various positions in its Nigeria operations.

FHI 360 Job Recruitment

FHI 360 is currently recruiting for diverse roles in multiple locations, depending on the prevailing demand.

With operations spanning over 60 countries, their dedicated professionals confront the most complex human development issues and deliver inventive solutions that significantly improve lives.

Action Against Hunger Nigeria Jobs Recruitment

Action Against Hunger, the foremost global authority on hunger, spearheads a worldwide movement dedicated to eradicating life-threatening hunger for good.

With over 40 years of experience, this humanitarian and development organization has been at the forefront, of combating hunger across nearly 50 nations.

Presently, Action Against Hunger is actively seeking qualified candidates to join their team and fill various roles across their numerous locations.

Society for Family Health (SFH) Job Recruitment

The Society for Family Health (SFH) is a prominent Nigerian NGO dedicated to partnering with communities, governments, funders, and businesses to ensure every Nigerian enjoys comprehensive healthcare and societal fairness. 

Exciting job opportunities are now open at SFH. Explore the Society for Family Health Recruitment 2023 at for vacancies.

Northern Regional Initiative (NERI) Job Recruitment

NERI Nigeria is currently recruiting for multiple roles in Jos, Plateau State, and Kafanchan, Kaduna. Applicants must possess a relevant university degree. Join the team now!

Gs1 Nigeria Job Recruitment    

GS1 Nigeria is seeking a Healthcare Assistant for a position in Lagos.

Applicants should possess a University Degree or equivalent in a relevant field and have 2-3 years of professional experience. Apply now!

How Do NGOs Operate in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, every company must legally register with the Corporate Affairs Commission, including NGOs.

These organizations, like others, abide by specific regulations and laws. If you found this NGO employment information in Nigeria helpful, save us for future updates.

NGO Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Highest Paying NGO Jobs in Nigeria?

NGOs in Nigeria offer lucrative positions like Country Director, CEO, Finance Director, Regional Director, Head of Fundraising, COO, Consultant, Head of Programs, Technical Advisor, Head of Supply Chain, Lawyer, and Chief of Staff. These jobs pay well.

How Do I Get to Work with NGOs?

For entry-level NGO positions, a bachelor’s degree is usually required, with the field of study being flexible. Advanced roles may necessitate a specialized bachelor’s or master’s degree in areas like education, public health, business management, or urban planning.

What Do NGO Workers Do?

NGOs globally provide diverse services to enhance human welfare and social progress, tirelessly striving for development and positive societal transformation.

Do NGOs Pay Staff?

NGO staff receive their salaries through the organization’s payroll system, which entails recording, calculating, controlling, and disbursing payments. The payroll process for NGOs closely resembles how businesses handle employee compensation.

Which Degree is Best for NGO Jobs?

Typically, NGO positions demand a master’s degree in a relevant field. In some cases, a bachelor’s degree coupled with substantial work experience is considered. However, competition is fierce, with larger organizations often receiving several hundred applications per job.

What Type of Work is NGO?

NGO employment offers chances for skill growth while making a positive global impact. Like corporate settings, NGOs provide diverse job options to individuals seeking meaningful work.

What are the Benefits of NGO?

Operating an NGO can provide a tax-free framework for the activities conducted under its registered status. As not-for-profit entities, NGOs enjoy tax exemptions, allowing them to establish a well-organized financial strategy that avoids tax obligations.

What is the Highest Position in NGO?

The highest authority in an NGO is its Board of Directors, which is typically a mandatory prerequisite for official registration with local authorities. Board membership in many NGOs is voluntary and unpaid.

What Do You Mean by NGO?

NGO is an acronym for non-governmental organization. Although there’s no universally accepted definition, NGOs are usually voluntary entities with a social mission, functioning independently from governments. Such organizations exist globally.

What are the 3 Roles of NGO?

NGOs engage in diverse endeavours like environmental conservation, social causes, advocacy, and human rights. Their impact can range from promoting large-scale social or political transformations to focusing on local communities.

How Much is Registration for NGO?

The registration expenses, ranging from N200,000 to N400,000, cover advertisement costs in two national newspapers. The total cost may fluctuate based on the lawyer’s expertise and location involved in the registration process.

What are the Benefits of NGOs in Nigeria?

NGOs offer diverse services and humanitarian aid, advocating for policies, representing citizens’ interests to governments, and promoting political engagement by sharing information.

What are the Disadvantages of NGOs in the Society?

In contrast to multinational corporations, NGOs offer lower salaries, face a less favorable reputation, and lack comprehensive employee training systems. Moreover, due to limited staffing, NGO employees often need to multitask across various domains.

What Do NGOs Do in Crisis Situations?

During times of conflict and disaster, we address the situation through a variety of actions. These include delivering immediate aid such as cash, essential supplies, food, shelter, and hygiene items to fulfill urgent basic requirements.