Nigeria Immigration CBT Examination Date 2023: NIS Aptitude Test Centres

The Nigeria Immigration CBT Examination Date and NIS Aptitude Test Locations for the NIS Exam in 2023. The computer-based test is described in more detail below.

To verify the date, time, and location of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) 2023 CBT Exam, individuals can conduct an examination using NIS CBT.

Discover precise information about the NIS CBT Exam Aptitude Test, such as venue, schedule, and dates for shortlisted applicants in all 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT.

Access the NIS List of Shortlisted Applicants for the upcoming CBT exam. Applicants can verify their selection status for the NIS Recruiting CBT exam in 2023. Kindly check if your name is included.

Is the NIS Exam Date Out?

In 2023, details on the Computer-Based Aptitude Test (CBT) for positions with the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) will be published on the agency’s official website.

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) advised all CDCFIB Computer-Based Aptitude Test selected candidates on Friday to start monitoring their email and phones at midday in case there was any news regarding their exam locations.

The NIS CBT Exam Venues and Centres will be sent to each Shortlisted Candidate’s Personal Phone Number or Email Address via SMS or Email, respectively.

How to Print the Letter of Invitation for the 2023 NIS CBT Exam

Please be informed that you have been chosen to take the computer-based aptitude test (CBAT) after submitting your application for employment with the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

Please check your email or visit or for more details.

The Demands for the 2023 CBT Exam of the Nigerian Immigration Service

The following items, which are stated below, are consequently required of you:

  • Please print this letter of invitation.
  • A printed version of the ID number on the application confirmation slip
  • Additional acceptable forms of identification

The above-mentioned deadlines must be strictly adhered to by all candidates or they risk being disqualified. Please be aware that the time and location must strictly be observed.

How to Confirm The Date of The Nigeria Immigration CBT Exam

All applicants are urged to regularly check their phone numbers, email addresses and emails for notifications of the CBAT location beginning at 6 p.m.

The CBAT testing locations have all been provided to the shortlisted candidates, and they must report to those places at the times specified next to their names in order to take the test.

Click here, kindly enter your NIS application number

CDCFIB Immigration Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

Is Immigration List 2023 Out?

Yes, the list of 2023 Nigerian Immigration shortlisted candidates has been released.

How Do I Check my Cdcfib Application Status?

How to verify a candidate’s online status with the NSCDC. Go to to see the official Civil Defence shortlisted webpage. You have two options for checking the status of your application through the portal. Click on Check Application Status by Email or by Mobile Number, as appropriate.

How Much is Immigration Salary?

Their monthly base pay is N39,051.55. The monthly remuneration for Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII) COMPASS 06 recruits with NCE or ND is N46,573.33. Nursing professionals hired by Inspector of Immigration (II) COMPASS 07 are paid N62,633 per month.

How Long Does Nigeria Immigration Training Last?

Two (2) weeks will be allotted for the immigration training for Nigerians.

Is Nigeria Immigration Online?

Applications for NIS must all be submitted online. Additionally, candidates are required to access the portal in order to complete and submit the application form.

What is the Work of Cdcfib?

The administration of the Immigration Act of 1963, the Prisons Act of 1972, and the Customs and Exercise Management Act (CEMA) of 1958 were within the purview of the Board. Additionally, it was given sole authority over the hiring, elevating, and disciplining of all officials of the Services.

What are the Requirements for Cdcfib Registration?

Candidates must hold an OND, B.SC., or HND from an accredited university. Candidates must be in good physical and medical health. Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Male applicants must be 1.65m tall and female applicants must be 1.60m tall.

What Does Cdcfib Stand for?

By Decree No. 14 of July 1986, the “Customs, Immigration and Prisons Services Board”—now known as the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB)—was created. The interior minister served as the board’s chairman.

What is the Chest Size for Nscdc?

Must be between the ages of 18 and 38, a citizen of Nigeria, at least 1.7 metres tall for men and 1.64 metres for women, with a chest measurement of at least 0.87 metres, no mental or physical impairments, no criminal convictions, good moral character, and no history of financial embarrassment.

How Much is Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment Salary?

The NSCDC’s wage structure is broken down in detail below: A level three assistant cadre: An Assistant Cadre in the NSCDC is paid a minimum of N30,000 per month. The typical monthly pay for an Assistant Cadre is nevertheless between N50,000 and N70,000 after different bonuses and allowances.

How Much Does Nigerian Civil Defence Recruit Earn?

At this level, the base annual wage is between N296,506 and N374,259. Additionally, you’re qualified for a few sporadic benefits. You would be placed to the lowest position, Assistance Cadet, if you joined the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps with only an O-level diploma.

Scale for Nigerian Civil Defence Pay

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps’s ranks are available in the following list, from highest rank to lowest rank. Between levels 6 and 12 is the Inspectorate Cadre. Levels 3 through 5 make up the Assistant Cadre. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps’ lowest cadre is this one.

What is the Highest Rank in civil Defense?

Nigeria Civil Defence: organisational chart, pay scale, and rank in…What level of Civil Defence is the highest? The NSCDC’s Commandant General (CG) is its most senior officer. The job has a level 18 designation. Typically, the president appoints the post holder.

Is Nscdc a Paramilitary?

The Nigerian government established the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) as a paramilitary organisation in May 2003.

How Long is Nigeria Civil Defence Training?

The programme can take up to two weeks to finish. The program’s goal is to give newly hired officers self-defense instruction and a comprehensive introduction to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.