Nigeria Immigration CBT Examination Date 2023: NIS Aptitude Test Centres

The eagerly awaited Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Shortlisted Candidates 2023 PDF is now available for download. As a major government agency responsible for regulating entry and exit in Nigeria, NIS recruits new personnel each year.

The application process is competitive, consisting of various stages such as tests, fitness assessments, medical examinations, and interviews.

Successful candidates move on to the next stage. This blog post provides updates on the 2023 shortlisted candidates and outlines the NIS application process.

Is the 2023 Nigerian Immigration Shortlist Out?

Yes, the 2023 Nigerian Immigration shortlist of candidates is now available. Candidates should check the NIS List 2023 to see if they have been selected for further consideration.

Continue reading to understand how to check the 2023 selected names if you are having trouble checking the Nigeria Immigration Service Shortlist.

Please be advised that only candidates who have been shortlisted are permitted to take the screening test being administered by the NIS in a number of authorized centers across Nigeria.

The NIS application slip and copies of your identification documents must be brought with you to the screening location.

How to Check the Shortlisted Candidates for the Nigerian Immigration Service in 2023

The list of shortlisted applicants for each application round is made public by the Nigeria Immigration Service on its website.

Following these easy procedures will allow you to determine if you have been selected for the 2023 application exercise:

  • Visit the application website for the Nigerian Immigration Service here.
  • The “Check Application Status” button may be found on the site.
  • In the fields provided, enter your application ID and email address.
  • On the “Submit” button, click.

Upon being selected for further consideration, your application status and subsequent actions will be displayed on the screen.

Alternatively, shortlisted candidates may also receive notifications via email or SMS regarding their status and next steps.

It is important to note that only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted, and failure to follow the guidelines may lead to exclusion from the application process.

To quickly and accurately determine if you have been shortlisted for the 2023 application process, check your application status on the NIS application portal.

Immigration Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

Is immigration recruitment form out for 2022 2023?

For the 2023–2024 recruitment drive, Nigerian Immigration Services’ (NIS) website is now accessible.

What are the Requirements for Immigration Recruitment in Nigeria 2023?

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30. Candidates must be in good health and be able to show a certificate from a reputable government hospital. must be free of any criminal history and present a certificate of good behaviour from a reputable organisation.

What is the website for Immigration Recruitment 2023?

The recruiting website for the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is recruitment 2023 or

How to Download Immigration Shortlisted Candidates?

The Nigeria Immigration Shortlist 2023 PDF can be downloaded online at Applicants who want to download the list and look up their names can do so in PDF format.

How Much is Immigration Salary?

They receive a monthly base wage of N39,051.55. A monthly pay of N46,573.33 is paid to Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII) COMPASS 06 recruits with NCE or ND. The monthly salary for the professionals (Nurses) hired by the Inspector of Immigration (II) COMPASS 07 is N62,633.

Is Immigration Form Online Now?

Applications for NIS must all be submitted online. Additionally, candidates are required to access the portal in order to complete and submit the application form. It is encouraged that candidates print out the referee forms, which must be properly filled out and submitted during the screening.

What is the Age limit for Nigeria Immigration Service?

The requirements state that applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, with the exception of doctors and chemists who cannot be older than 35 years, and that their height cannot be less than 1.65 inches for women and 0.87 inches for men. They must also pass drug tests.

How Long Does Immigration Training Last in Nigeria?

Two (2) weeks will be allotted for the immigration training for Nigerians.

What is the Chest Size Requirement for Immigration Recruitment?

Computer literacy is a benefit; any certificates or qualifications not reported and acknowledged during documentation will not be considered after the recruitment; applicants’ chest measurements for men must not be less than 0.87.

What is the Height Requirement for Immigration Recruitment in Nigeria?

Male applicants must measure at least 1.7 metres in height, and female applicants must measure at least 1.64 metres. Men must also have a chest measurement of 0.87 metres or greater.

What is the Minimum Height for Immigration?

Male applicants’ height must be at least 1.65 metres and female applicants must be at least 1.60 metres; applicants’ chest measurements only apply to men and must not be less than

What is the Name of Nigeria Immigration?

The government organisation in charge of managing migration in Nigeria is called the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).

How Much is Immigration Recruitment Form?

Applying is possible through the portal. Please be aware that the Nigeria Immigration Service recruiting form is free if you are applying for a position with the NIS. The Nigeria Immigration job application platform does not require fees.

What is the Work of Immigration Officer in Nigeria?

The Immigration Act of 2015’s Section 2 gives the Service the authority to restrict who enters and leaves Nigeria. the granting of travel authorizations, such as Nigerian passports, to legitimate Nigerians both inside and outside of Nigeria. the Nigerian government’s granting of foreigners residency permits.

What are the Requirements for Nigeria Immigration Entry?

A letter of invitation from a business or host in Nigeria accepting responsibility for your immigration together with your completed visa application form and two recent passport-size photos are all required.