Nigerian Air Force DSSC Ranks & Salary Structure (Updated)

Updated Nigerian Air Force Ranks & Payscale – Crucial for candidates to know precise positions to apply. Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, NAF Public Relations Director, states applicants must be Nigerian citizens, single, aged 20-30.

Explore the complete presentation on NAF DSSC Ranks and pay scale. High demand for NAF ranks requires perseverance and hard work. The NAF rank has a regularly reviewed wage structure by authorities.

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Ranks & Salary Structure

There are numerous DSSC grades in the Nigerian Air Force. They can be divided into two groups: commissioned cadre and non-commissioned cadre.

The commissioned ranks (DSSC) are all officers who have enlisted via the Short Service Commission, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), or the Direct Short Service Commission.

Most of these officials have degrees or diplomas from prestigious universities. Each of the Nigerian Air Force’s 11 commissioned rank classifications is discussed below. The order is ascending.

Commissioned NAF Ranks and their Salaries

RankMonthly salary
Pilot Officer₦187,159
Flying Officer₦218,400
Flight Lieutenant₦232,484
Squadron Leader₦248,004
Wing Commander₦342,586
Group Captain₦352,631
Air Commodore₦677,895
Air Vice-Marshal₦1,376,343
Air Marshal₦1,486,451
Air Chief Marshal₦1,724,283
Marshal of the Nigerian Air ForceUndisclosed

Non-Commissioned NAF Ranks & Salaries

RankMonthly salary
Lance Corporal₦55,832
Flight Sergeant₦87,119
Warrant Officer₦101,974
Master Warrant Officer₦165,697
Air Warrant Officer₦171,793

Having come this far, we’ll keep updating this page if there are changes to the pay for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force. Save this page in your bookmarks for future reference and updates.

Air Force Salary Per Month Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Air Force Get Paid?

The average hourly wage for the Air Force employment category in the United States as of July 19, 2023, is $22.34.

What Do Air Force Do?

More than 689,000 Airmen make up the Total Force and serve the five fundamental missions of airpower, which are: air supremacy, global strike, fast global mobility, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and command and control.

What is the Lowest Rank in Air Force?

C Aircraftsman is the proper selection.

Which is the Best Force in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Special Forces (NSF), a Special Forces regiment based on the Royal Navy’s Special Forces, are largely considered the Nigerian Army’s best-trained fighting outfit.

How Many Months Is Nigeria Air Force Training?

The course offers a way for those with degrees who work as professionals in particular industries to join. Successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Flying Officer after completing the extensive military training that typically lasts six months for this sort of commission.

How Much is Nigerian Pilot Salary Per Month?

In Nigeria, a pilot makes an average pay of 174,500 Naira per month. In Nigeria, a pilot makes an average yearly pay of 2,094,000 Naira. Pilot entry-level positions start at $1,779,900 annually. Senior Pilot roles with experience can earn up to $2,408,100 annually.

How Can I Join Nigeria Air Force?

All interested and qualified applicants must submit their online applications properly through the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment official site at The NAF online application and registration form are free to use.

What is the Work of Air Force in Nigeria?

One of the tools Nigeria uses to exercise its power is the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). The NAF is in charge of safeguarding Nigerian airspace and making sure that other sibling Services have favorable air conditions in their respective operational zones.

Can You Have Tattoos in the Air Force?

Any uniform combination can reveal and make obvious tattoos on the hands, arms, legs, neck, and rings. No uniform combination or open-neck uniform will allow for the visibility of chest or back tattoos.

How Does Air Force Pay Work?

Similar to many civilian occupations, Basic Pay is electronically distributed on the first and fifteenth of each month. A service member’s basic pay is determined by their rank and years of service (the majority of enlisted Airmen join the Air Force as Airmen Basic and the Space Force as Specialist 1).

How Old Do You Have to Be to Join the Air Force?

Army: 17-35, Coast Guard: 17-31, Marine Corps: 17-28, Air Force: 17-39, and Coast Guard: 17-35.

Do You Get Paid for Basic Training?

In Basic Training, you get paid on the first and fifteenth of each month. The sum is determined by your position. On the Money & Pay tab, you may view wages by rank.

What is the Name of Nigeria Air Force?

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) was to be founded, and the government gave its general approval at the start of 1962. Therefore, the Nigerian Parliament authorized the formation of the NAF, and cadet recruitment began in June 1962.

What is the Lowest Rank in the Nigerian Air Force?

The lowest commissioned officer level is this one. It is also the rank that newly commissioned regular cadets are assigned after they get their commission; in the Army, it is equivalent to a second lieutenant, and in the Navy, it is equivalent to a midshipman.

What are the Types of Nigerian Air Force Uniform?

Regarding the colors of the Nigerian Air Force uniform, the pilots’ combat uniform is green-khaki in hue, while the parade version is dark-blue. NAF is distinguished from all other military groups by its dark-blue air force uniform. Highlights of the Nigerian Air Force uniform include a black helmet, white gloves, and gold epaulets.

What is 3 Star in Nigerian Airforce?

This is an Air Force rank of three stars. All previous and current Chiefs of Air Staff have this rank or lower as the highest, as it is the highest rank ever obtained in the nation’s Air Force. In the Navy and the Army, it is the equivalent of Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General, respectively.

How is Air Force Training?

This is an Air Force rank of three stars. All previous and current Chiefs of Air Staff have this rank or lower as the highest, as it is the highest rank ever obtained in the nation’s Air Force. In the Navy and the Army, it is the equivalent of Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General, respectively.

What are 3 Benefits of the Air Force?

Airmen, Guardians, and their families are entitled to full salary, sick day allowances, great rates, and affordable, all-inclusive medical and dental care at military and civilian facilities, as well as affordable life insurance.

Should I Join the Army or Air Force?

Both sections provide careers in engineering, aviation, administration, the arts and media, and mechanical fields. The Army, though, might be the best option for you if you choose a job that involves more warfare. There are additional options in the Air Force if technology is your area of greater interest.