Nigerian Air Force DSSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023 | NAF DSSC List

NAF DSSC Shortlisted Candidates: Follow the guide below to download the Full List of Nigerian Air Force DSSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023

Several months ago, the Nigerian Air Force announced a recruitment drive for the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). This process commenced in December 2022 and concluded in January 2023.

It is understood that applicants were actively engaged in this process. Consequently, we are pleased to inform all successful applicants that the comprehensive list of shortlisted candidates has now been released.

All those who submitted applications should review this article to learn how to access the complete roster of NAF shortlisted candidates.

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023

The names of candidates shortlisted and selected for the subsequent phase of the Nigerian Air Force Direct Short Service Commission recruitment endeavor are now available online through the official portal of the organization.

The NAF Selection Board has officially unveiled the list of Nigerian Air Force DSSC shortlisted candidates for the 2023 recruitment exercise.

All individuals who participated in the recently concluded Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2023 application process can now visit the official website to confirm whether their names appear on the list.

If you are one of the applicants posing the following questions:

  • Has the list of Nigerian Air Force DSSC Shortlisted Candidates been released?
  • Is the final NAF List available for PDF download?
  • How can I verify if I am among the NAF shortlisted candidates for 2023? Then, this article is tailored for you, as the NAF Selection Board has officially disclosed the list of NAF DSSC shortlisted candidates for the 2023 recruitment exercise.

How to Check Nigerian Air Force DSSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023 PDF

All candidates can now access the names on the Nigerian Air Force DSSC PDF list by following the outlined instructions below:

  • Visit to access the Air Force Shortlist portal.
  • Log into your application details using your username and password.
  • Scroll down and locate the “DOWNLOAD PDF LIST” tab.
  • After choosing your state, enter your application number in the required field.
  • Finally, click on “Check Selected Name” to view your shortlist status.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates who have progressed to this stage. We encourage you to frequently visit this page for further information and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nigerian Air Force DSSC Shortlisted Candidates

How Much is NAF Salary

A Cadet (Trainee) receives a monthly salary of N44,564, an Air Warrant Officer earns N171,793, a Pilot Officer’s monthly pay is N187,159, and a Flying Officer is compensated with a monthly salary of N218,400.

Can DSSC convert to regular?

Those who join the army under Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) have the opportunity to switch to Direct Regular Commission (DRC) after three years from their initial commission. Consequently, only officers who enter service through DSSC are qualified for the transition to DRC.

How many months is Air Force DSSC Training?

Candidates undergoing this commission type undergo an intensive military training lasting around six months. Those who excel in this training are subsequently appointed to the position of Flying Officer Rank.

What is the Rank of DSSC?

The rank associated with Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is determined by the successful completion of the recruitment process. Those who meet the requirements are typically commissioned at the Flying Officer rank within the Nigerian Air Force.

How much is the Flying Officer Salary?

The salary for a Flying Officer within the Nigerian Air Force varies depending on factors like experience and service duration. However, as of recent information, a Flying Officer’s monthly salary starts at a certain amount and may increase with time and promotions.

What is the Qualifying Score for Airforce?

The qualifying score for the Nigerian Air Force varies based on the specific recruitment process and the role you’re applying for. Meeting or exceeding the minimum score requirements is essential to move forward in the selection process.

What is the Age Limit for the DSSC Exam?

The age limit for DSSC examination in the Nigerian Air Force typically falls within a specific range, usually around 20 to 30 years old. However, these age limits are subject to change base the position applied for.

What Rank will I be in the Nigerian Air Force with a Bachelor’s Degree?

With a bachelor’s degree, you can typically join the Nigerian Air Force at the rank of Flying Officer, subject to the specific entry requirements. This rank offers opportunities for career growth and advancement within the organization.

Where does DSSC Training Take Place?

Training sessions are scheduled to take place in every state across the nation, requiring all recipients to be present in their respective states a day before the designated training date as absent is authenmatic disqualification.

What is the Lowest Pay in the Nigerian Air Force?

Nigerian Air Force can vary depending on several factors, including rank, grade, and other allowances. The lowest basic pay is often associated with the entry-level rank of Recruit or Cadet.