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Nigerian Port Authority Recruitment

NPA, the Nigerian Port Authority, was established under the CAP 155 Ports Act of Nigeria in 1999. It is Initially responsible for all port services across Nigeria.

The NPA oversaw technical supervision, marine services, and common facilities while delegating cargo handling to private operators.

In 2005, under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s leadership, NPA underwent reforms, allowing private companies to manage 24 port terminals through a Private-Public partnership.

NPA aspires to be a leading national brand, prioritizing exceptional customer service, innovation, efficiency, and safety.

Requirements for the Nigerian Port Authority Recruitment 2023

To join the Nigerian Port Authority Family, you must meet these prerequisites:

  • To qualify, you should either hold Nigerian citizenship or possess valid work permits.
  • Utilize the Nigeria Port Authority’s official website to submit your CV via the online form.
  • During the interview, ensure you provide genuine diplomas for educational verification.
  • Lastly, make sure you’re available to take the aptitude test as part of the process.

How to Apply for NPA Recruitment 2023

For a chance to join the Nigerian Port Authority, visit and submit your comprehensive CV with email, contact details, and qualifications.

Alternatively, mail your application to the General Manager of Human Resources at 26/28 Marina, Lagos.

What are the Functions Performed by the Nigerian Port Authority?

The Nigerian Port Authority, akin to other governmental bodies, operates under the 1999 CAP 155 statute, duly amended by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its core responsibilities encompass:

1. Ensuring the upkeep and management of quay and cargo handling facilities across its port terminals.

2. Providing vital sewage and pilotage services at all supervised port terminals.

3. Offering water and fuel supply to ships docked or anchored at the NPA-managed port facilities.

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Nigerian Ports Authority Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Join Nigeria Port Authority?

To apply for this opportunity, you’ll need Nigerian citizenship or valid work permits. Head to Nigeria Port Authority’s official site, fill out the online form and present your authentic diplomas during the interview for educational verification.

How Much is the Salary of Nigeria Port Authority?

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) employees earn an average of 157,779 Naira, based on data gathered from 5 staff members.

What is the Work of the Nigeria Port Authority?

As a Federal Government Agency, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) oversees and manages Nigeria’s crucial ports, such as Lagos Port Complex and Tin Can Island Port Complex located in Lagos State.

Who Owns Port in Nigeria?

In charge of Nigeria’s ports, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is a federal agency. It oversees key ports like Lagos Port Complex, Tin Can Island Port, Calabar Port, Delta Port, Rivers Port in Port Harcourt, and Onne Port.

Which State is Nigeria Port Authority Located?

The Nigerian Ports Authority’s main office is situated at 26/28 Marina in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Level is NPA Qualification?

NPAs, ranging from SCQF Levels 2 to 6, are collaborations among schools, colleges, and employers. Colleges mostly employ them for brief, practical courses, like PC Passport (SCQF Levels 4-6).

What Do They Do in NPA?

This involves owning and managing land and water in the port area, planning port infrastructure, and determining tariff benchmarks.

How Many Ports are in Nigeria?

Nigeria boasts six seaports, including Apapa, Tin Can in Lagos, Onne, Port-Harcourt in Rivers State, Warri, and Calabar.

Which City is the Largest Port in Nigeria?

The Lagos Port Complex, also known as Premiere Port (Apapa Quays), holds the title of Nigeria’s oldest and biggest port. Found in Apapa, Lagos State, the nation’s commercial hub, it was established back in 1913, with the construction of the first four deep water berths starting in 1921.

Which Port is Most Active in Nigeria?

Apapa quays handle over 50% of Nigeria’s maritime trade and act as a hub for landlocked nations like Chad and Niger. Approximately 1,000 ships, carrying 5.7 million tonnes of cargo, visit the Lagos port complex annually.

What is the Official Name of the Port Authority?

In 1961, the name was updated to Ocean Highway and Port Authority. As the governing body, it holds policy-making, budgeting, and oversight duties for all port operations.

Who is the New Boss of NPA?

Recently appointed as the Managing Director of Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), Mohammed Bello-Koko aims to resolve port congestion issues.

Which is the First Port in Nigeria?

Due to this development, Nigeria’s inaugural seaport, Calabar Port, emerged in Cross River, Calabar State. Its roots can be traced back to 15th-century merchants. Serving as a significant trade hub, it connected with the global markets and served as a gateway for goods coming from the north.

How Can I Get a Job in NPA?

To pursue NPA jobs, candidates can submit applications through the official website The application form for 2023 job vacancies is provided free of charge.