NPC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 PDF Download

The NPC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates PDF 2023 can now be accessed at Browse the site to find the list of shortlisted names for the National Population Commission Census recruitment.

The NPC has released the list of shortlisted candidates for their 2023 recruitment. Only those who met the prerequisites and qualifications are included. Applicants are advised to review their names, screening location, and policies.

To access the complete PDF list of shortlisted candidates and other relevant details, please refer to the instructions provided on this page.

NPC Adhoc Staff PDF List of Shortlisted Candidates for 2023

If you applied for the NPC Adhoc Staff position, finding out if you made the shortlist is crucial. Fortunately, the National Population Commission has released the list of selected applicants. Successful candidates can proceed to the next stage.

This comprehensive guide provides the latest information on the selection process.

If you submitted an online application, we’ll explain how to check your name and access the PDF list of chosen applicants from the official recruitment portal.

Stay tuned to discover the steps for obtaining the list of pre-selected candidates.

How to View the NPC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates

In January 2023, the National Population Commission will unveil the names of the shortlisted candidates. Kindly wait for the shortlist to be published on the NPC application portal.

Once it’s released, we will guide you through the easy steps to check if your name is included on the NPC Shortlist.

  • To access the NPC portal, go to
  • Click on the Shortlisted Candidates link in the top menu.
  • Choose to download the PDF Shortlist.
  • Search for your name on the shortlist.

Ensure your email address is up to date as selected candidates will be notified there. You’ll also receive screening details, such as the date and centers. While the shortlisted names haven’t been revealed yet, we’ll strive to keep you informed.

Sign in to the NPC website to check if your name is on the shortlist. To determine if you’re selected for the tests, please visit the NPC job portal.

Following the release of the NPC Shortlist

Selected applicants for the NPC will undergo a screening process at various locations nationwide. If you found your name on the shortlist, make sure to prepare for the screening.

If you wish to receive updates on the 2023 shortlisted candidates for the National Population Commission. Kindly specify the information you would like to receive, and we’ll be happy to keep you informed.

NPC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AD hoc Staff of the NPC?

The National Population Commission (NPC) brings in ad hoc staff for short durations, typically a month, to carry out population surveys. Their employment ends once the census is completed.

What is the Salary of NPC Adhoc Staff?

The compensation for NPC ad hoc staff working on the 2023 Population and Housing Census is divided into two parts: Allowances and Main Salary. Specialized Workforce (SWF) members receive N2,000 per day for 13 days, including 3 days of SWF work and 10 days of state training.

What is the Salary of NPC AD hoc Enumerator?

Upon the conclusion of the census, NPC ad hoc staff will receive their main salary. The amount varies based on the role, ranging from N50,000 to N250,000 on average.

Can I Still Apply for NPC Adhoc Staff?

The recruitment of NPC ad hoc staff for 2023/2024 is currently in progress. This page provides the latest updates and information about the application form, recruitment portal (, application process, start/end dates, and other pertinent details.

What Does Ad hoc Staff Do?

An ad hoc employee refers to an individual hired for a specific period, typically up to one year, under mutually agreed terms with the organization. Their service ends automatically upon the completion of the agreed-upon duration.

What Does Ad hoc Team Do?

Ad hoc teams are highly committed to specific projects, surpassing traditional teams. They swiftly accomplish their goals and dissolve. These versatile teams comprise diverse viewpoints and possess cross-functional expertise.

Is NPC a Permanent Job?

The NPC emphasized that applicants must view their involvement as national service, not a permanent position, yet assured attractive rewards for their dedication.

Is National Population Commission Recruiting Adhoc Staff?

In order to ensure fairness for all participants in the National Population Commission, the Nigerian government has announced the recruitment of approximately 15,000 temporary staff for the upcoming 2023 general election.

What Benefits Do NPC Staff Get?

NPC employees enjoy a comprehensive compensation package, encompassing not only base salaries but also various benefits and allowances such as housing, transportation, and medical coverage.

How Much Do They Pay NPC Adhoc Staff in Nigeria?

Upon concluding the census exercise, NPC ad hoc staff members will receive their primary salaries. The remuneration varies between N50,000 and N250,000, depending on the role held by each census worker.

How Can I Check my NPC Adhoc Staff Status?

To ascertain the status of their application, NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators or Supervisor Applicants are advised to visit the dedicated NPC Adhoc Staff Application Status Checker Website at https://2023censusadhocrecruitment, ensuring a reliable and efficient method for updates.

How Do I Register for NPC Adhoc Staff?

To be considered for this role, visit and complete the application form. Stay tuned to this page for further instructions or updates regarding your application status.

How much does National Population Commission Recruitment Earn?

Based on data collected from four National Population Commission (NPC) employees, the average salary for roles such as Field Enumerator, Research Officer, and Cartographer is 94,507 Naira.

Who is the Boss of the National Population Commission?

Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra, Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), inaugurated a three-day workshop for Commission members, focusing on Census Operations and Processes in readiness for the forthcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census.

How much is Training Allowance for NPC Supervisors?

Transport: N20,000. Training Allowance: N13,000 x 5 days = N65,000. Total = N95,000.