Npower Tax Recruitment Portal Login 2023/2024 Application Form:

The Npower Tax Recruitment 2023. The rise of technology and its impact on various industries has led to a growing need for skilled individuals in the technology sector.

The Npower Tax initiative strives to cater to the rising demand for tech-savvy minds among Nigerian youth.

It presents a golden chance for passionate graduates to receive training and secure job opportunities.

Discover the ins and outs of this remarkable program – its objectives, who qualifies, how to apply through the portal ( And all the essential details you need to know before taking the plunge!

Npower Tax Recruitment Requirements 2023

  • The Npower Tax program is open to Nigerian citizens aged 18 to 35.
  • Applicants must have a valid means of identification.
  • Also, the applicant must have at least an OND qualification in fields like Engineering, Science, and ICT.
  • Applicant must prerequisite, alongside having successfully completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.
  • The Npower Tax program seeks candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Additionally, a genuine passion for technology, coupled with a hunger for learning and creativity, is a must.
  • Candidates should wholeheartedly commit to the training program and adhere to its guidelines and regulations.

How to Apply For Npower Tax Recruitment 2023

Get into the Npower Tax program by following these steps:

  • Visit your Npower Tax via and access the Npower Tax program.
  • Share essential details like personal information, educational background, and job status.
  • Indicate your desired tech specialization.
  • Upload your passport photograph with the required document.
  • Once you submit your application, anticipate the Npower team’s response.
  • If chosen, brace yourself for a screening test and a promising interview opportunity.

Triumphant candidates will enter the training program and later secure fitting job placements.

Important Points to Note. Use One-Line Sentences

The application process for the Npower Tax program is free and exclusively available to Nigerian graduates between 18 and 35.

Absolute accuracy in providing information and full availability for verification throughout the process is mandatory. Submitting multiple applications will lead to rejection, so applicants should exercise caution.

Only shortlisted candidates will proceed to the screening test and subsequent interview. Those fortunate enough to be accepted into the program will undergo a 6-month to 1-year training period, receiving monthly stipends and additional incentives during this time.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will either be placed in suitable career positions or receive support in kickstarting their tech-related ventures.

To ensure the program’s success, participants must strictly adhere to its rules and regulations, attend all training sessions, and accomplish assigned tasks and projects.


The Npower Tax program is designed to equip young Nigerian graduates with the necessary skills for the technology industry.

Eligible candidates, aged 18 to 35, must have completed the NYSC program and hold an OND in Engineering, Sciences, or ICT to apply.

Stay tuned for updates on the Npower Tax Recruitment 2023, and remember to check this page regularly for the latest information. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Npower Tax Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

What is N-Power Tax all about?

The Npower tax initiative welcomes all Nigerians and was established by the government to enhance revenue from non-compliant taxpayers and curb tax avoidance strategies. The program seeks to engage citizens in tax compliance and diminish tax evasion across the nation.

Is Npower 2023 on?

Are they currently recruiting for Npower Batch D in 2023? No, the recruitment process hasn’t begun yet, but it may kick off soon.

Is Npower Portal Open For 2023?

The applicant must have been born a Nigerian citizen. A minimum age of 18 is required to apply. The applicant cannot already be an N-Power Programme participant.

How Do I Take My Npower Test?

Visit the Npower Test Portal at and log in using your credentials. Choose a programme. Choosing the Test tab. Choosing “Take Test”

How to Check Npower Batch C Status?

Go to to access the official Npower recruitment webpage. The “Check Pre-selection Status” button may be found on the site. You can provide your phone number or email address here. To view the status of your pre-selection, click “Check Status”.

How Long Does Npower Training Last?

Anyone who has been shortlisted and falls within the non-graduate category is eligible to apply. The Npower training programme consists of three months of in-centre classroom instruction, a six-month apprenticeship, and post-apprenticeship mentoring.

How Long Does Npower Last?

For unemployed graduates and non-graduates between the ages of 18 and 35, the programme was developed. It is a two-year, compensated project with the goal of involving recipients in their home states.

What is the Maximum Age for Npower?

The age range for the N-Power Programme is 18 to 35.

Can I Do Npower Twice?

The applicant must have been born a Nigerian citizen. Second, the applicant cannot be less than 18 years old. Previous N-Power Programme beneficiaries are not eligible to apply again.

How Many Years is Npower Batch C 1?

Revalidation and N-Power Batch C, NASIMS UPDATE Npower Batch C1 has a two-year duration.

What is the Pass Mark for Npower Batch C?

The cutoff point may be 40%, however, candidates should aim for a score of 50% or above to increase their chances of being chosen. The NPower Cut off mark for the Batch ‘C’ online test is the minimal score needed to move on to the next round of the program’s selection procedure, which ranges from 40 to 60%.

What Documents Are Needed for Npower?

Declaration of Age and Birth Certificate. Certificate of NYSC Discharge or NYSC Exemption document. the picture on a passport. a legitimate ID card.

How Long is Npower Verification?

Depending on the number of beneficiaries dispatched to a site for the verification exercise, the normal length of the Npower physical verification exercise is 1 to 5 days.

How Many Years is Npower Batch C Programme?

N-POWER BATCH C STREAM 2 | Npower batches C 1 and 2 have completed their two-year programs.

How Long is Batch C in Npower?

If you recall, Npower management made it very clear that the Npower 2020 plan will only last for a year before the start of the batch C programme. But by August 2022, Npower batch C stream 1 had been flagged off, and by September 2021, beneficiaries had begun working.

How Do I Log Into My Npower Dashboard?

Use your web browser to navigate to to access the official NPVN website. On the homepage’s upper right corner, click the “Login” button. In the space provided, type your phone number or email address. Next, fill in the space with your exclusive password.

What is Npower Monthly Clearance?

The official clearance for Npower is performed irregularly—once or twice, with advance notice. Beneficiaries could be alerted beforehand by their PPA supervisor. The Npower PPA Supervisor Clearance is the kind of clearance that his supervisor performs once a month for Volunteers PPA.