NTA Recruitment Form 2023/2024 Application Portal www.nta.ng

Thinking of applying for NTA jobs in 2023? This content provides details on NTA requirements, application portal, and deadlines.”

Calling all Nigerian graduates seeking paramilitary employment! If you’re eager to join NTA, we’re thrilled you’re here.

This post is your guide to a seamless and successful NTA recruitment process in 2023. Let’s get started!

Is NTA Recruitment 2023 Application Portal Opened?

As of now, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) is not actively hiring, but stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted when the 2023 recruitment begins.

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Basic Requirements for Nigerian Television Authority Recruitment, 2023

Applicants must fulfil qualifications based on NTA’s previous recruitment exercise criteria.

  • Firstly, they must be Nigerian citizens.
  • Candidates possess a valid identification document like a national ID card or international passport. Additionally, having a Bank Verification Number (BVN) is mandatory.
  • Educational qualifications are crucial, with a minimum of five credits, including English and Mathematics, in WAEC/GCE/NEC or NABTEB, taken within two sittings.
  • SSCE holders must fall between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Applicants with NCE, OND, Diploma, or equivalent should be aged between 18 and 28.
  • Those with physical disabilities cannot apply.
  • Candidates must provide a hospital medical report.
  • Lastly, displaying strong teamwork skills is essential for potential candidates.

NTA Application Portal, www.nta.ng/careers

To apply for NTA Recruitment 2023, visit the official portal www.nta.ng/careers to access, complete, and submit the application form for free.

Be cautious of anyone attempting to sell you an application form as it’s open to all interested individuals.

Furthermore, the NTA recruitment process emphasizes transparency, ensuring that candidates meeting the job requirements won’t face discrimination based on religion or race.

Guidelines for a Successful NTA Recruitment 2023 Application

Prepare for NTA recruitment 2023 by mastering the easy application steps, ensuring a swift and successful submission when it opens.

  • To begin, visit www.nta.ng/careers.
  • Select your desired post.
  • Create an account on the recruitment website.
  • Sign in to the portal.
  • Complete the form with accurate details.
  • Attach academic and professional credentials along with a guarantor form.
  • Double-check To avoid mistakes
  • You can now submit it.

Application Deadline for NTA Recruitment

As of now, the NTA recruitment process hasn’t started, so the application deadline is yet to be determined.

Once the recruitment is officially launched, all relevant details will be provided. You are free to ask any questions in the comment section below thanks.

NTA Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

Who Created NTA?

Olapade Obisesan, a British-educated lawyer and son of Akinpelu Obisesan, the first president of the Cooperative Bank of Nigeria, served as the inaugural Chairman of NTA. Meanwhile, Vincent Maduka, a former engineer, held the position of General Manager.

What is the First NTA Station in Nigeria?

The journey began in Ibadan in 1959 with the Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV), Africa’s first TV station. As it expanded, it merged with other stations across Nigeria, such as RKTV (Radio-Television Kaduna) and NBC (Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation).

What is the Full Meaning of NTA?

NTA (Nigerian Television Authority)

What is the Slogan of NTA?

Established in 1977, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) boasts the slogan “You Can’t Beat the Reach,” yet it had struggled to live up to its potential. However, under President Tinubu’s recent administration, NTA is making a remarkable comeback, capturing the attention of many.

Who is the Current Head of NTA?

Salihu Abdulhamid Dembos has been appointed as the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of NTA by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. The appointment is initially for a three-year tenure.

Where is NTA Located in Nigeria?

NTA Headquarters Address Area 11, Garki, PMB 55, Abuja.

What was the First Colour TV in Nigeria?

In 1974, Benue Plateau Television (BPTV) emerged as the first Nigerian station to transmit in colour, setting it apart from the rest.

How Many NTA Stations do we have in Nigeria?

NTA boasts an impressive network of 101 stations across Nigeria’s state capitals and towns, with nine central hubs, stemming from the country’s early broadcast stations located in various cities.

Who Owns NTA Station?

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), a government-owned news broadcasting station, is renowned for airing the latest news from Nigeria. NTA claims to be the largest African station and was formerly known as Nigerian Television (NTV).

Who Gave Nigeria a Name?

Nigeria got its name from the Niger River, which flows through the country. British journalist Flora Shaw, who married Baron Frederick Lugard, is said to have coined the name in the late 19th century.

What is the Role of NTA in Nigeria?

Welcome to our platform. NTA, the Nigerian Television Authority, serves as the National Television Network for the Nigerian population. Our primary mission is to deliver independent and unbiased television broadcasting as a public service, accessible to all in the country.

What is the Mission Statement of the NTA?

Our mission is to enhance educational equity and quality through conducting research-based, valid, reliable, transparent, and fair international-level assessments.

What is the History of NTA Ibadan?

Back in 1975, the Nigerian Television Authority network service was established by the Federal Government. It acquired all TV stations in Nigeria, forming a unified network, and WNTS transformed into NTA Ibadan. The creation of WNTS was a collaboration between the Western regional government and a foreign firm.

What are the Channels of NTA?

In 2010, NTA launched Startimes, its digital Pay TV service, in partnership with Star Communications Technology from China. NTA also offers various channels like NTA Yoruba, NTA Ibo, NTA Hausa, NTA Sports 24, and NTA Parliamentary Channel.