Oyo SUBEB Recruitment Form 2023/2024 Application Registration Portal

Applications for the OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2023 are now open via the official website. Apply for Oyo State SUBEB positions today!

Explore comprehensive information about Oyo State SUBEB teacher recruitment timelines and guidance for a smooth application process. Delve in!

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General Requirements for OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2023/2024

Kindly take note that meeting these prerequisites is essential for full-time recruitment consideration.

  • Citizens of Nigeria are required to apply.
  • Certificate for NCE holders from the Nigerian Teachers Registration Council
  • All interested and qualified applicants must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A strong feeling of cooperation and exceptional analytical skills
  • Knowledge of certain fundamental computer applications will be helpful.
  • The NYSC Certificate or discharge certificate is required for B.Sc. and HND holders.
  • A valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license, national identity card, international passport, voter card, or national identification number, must be carried by all applicants.
  • A minimum of five courses, including English and mathematics, must be completed for the SSCE, NECO, or GCE to qualify.
  • Possessing a diploma in one of the following categories: B.Sc., B.ED, HND, NCE, OND, or NCE from a renowned institution
  • At the time of application, a candidate who wants to work for the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board must be older than 35.
  • All applicants’ health must be satisfied, physical and mental.
  • Must not have any prior convictions on their record
  • Fully completed and signed State of Origin Certificate
  • Birth certificate or age verification

How to Apply for OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2023

Take the following steps to apply:

Access the official application form at no cost at https://oyostate.gov.ng/oyo-state-state-universal-basic-education-board/. Furnish the form with your comprehensive details, including personal information, academic history, and more.

Next, print the registration form.

Invitations for further assessment will be extended solely to chosen candidates, with email notifications containing date and time specifics.

Are there Any Opportunities at OYO SUBEB for 2023?

Oyo State Government periodically conducts recruitment. If interested in the online application, explore the official Oyo SUBEB recruitment portal: https://oyostate.gov.ng.

How to Apply For OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2023

Complete the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board application at https://oyostate.gov.ng/. Unlock life-changing opportunities upon selection.

When Does OYO SUBEB Recruitment for 2023 End?

The official closing date for Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board recruitment in 2023 isn’t disclosed yet.

Rest assured, we’ll promptly inform you once it’s announced. Stay connected to our website for the latest updates.

Regular updates about the Oyo SUBEB recruitment procedure are periodically shared here. Remember to revisit this page frequently to stay well-informed about the Oyo SUBEB Recruitment 2023 process.

OYO SUBEB Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salary of Subeb in Oyo State?

Based on input from three Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) employees, the typical pay stands at 77,945 Naira. This assessment covers positions like Teachers and Teaching Professionals.

What is the Function of Subeb?

As per regulations, SUBEB oversees State’s Basic Education endeavors, including managing Elementary and Middle Schools (9-Year Basic Education).

How Much is Teacher Salary in Oyo State?

Based on information gathered from four Oyo State Post-Primary Schools Teaching Service Commission employees, the mean salary is 44,100 Naira. This assessment encompasses positions such as Teacher, Class Teacher, and Biology and Chemistry Teacher.

What are the Requirements for Oyo State Tescom?

Requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree/HND or OND, effective communication and leadership skills, and expertise in primary or secondary subjects.

Who is the Head of the Teaching Service Commission of Oyo State?

Pastor Akinade Alamu, the TESCOM Chairman in Oyo State, is alleged to have withheld appointment letters from successful applicants.

Who is the Current Tescom Chairman in Oyo State?

During the second phase of the Teachers’ Solidarity rally for Governor Seyi Makinde, Pastor Akinade Alamu, TESCOM Chairman, highlighted the initiative’s aim to inspire students and educators who excel and inspire others to do the same.

What is the Name of the College of Education in Oyo State?

The history of Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, reveals its evolution from a religious institution to a public College of Education.

What is the Rank of Oyo State in Education?

Once placed 26th in education rankings, Oyo State now stands 11th nationally, credited to Governor Seyi Makinde’s dedication to education, a priority among his four core programs.

How Many Public Schools are in Oyo State?

Mr. Adebayo Salaam’s presentation on the 2018/19 report unveiled findings: Public Primary Schools rose to 2,449, a 1.45% increase; 567 Junior Secondary Schools increased by 1.05%; Senior Secondary Schools totaled 4,059.

What is the Name of the Best Public School in Oyo State?

Educational institutions include All Saints College in Aba-Edun, Ibadan; Greater Tomorrow Elite International School in Apete, Ibadan; and the established Ibadan Boys High School.