TRCN PQE Result 2023/2024 Check Examination Result Here

TRCN PQE Finding 2023: This will be a simple guide for everyone who took the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) CBT Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), and we are pleased to report that the results for categories A, B, C, and D are now available.

With their allotted TRCN PQE Number, candidates can now check their TRCN PQE results for free online via the official website.

This week, the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) results were made accessible, according to the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). It advised people who took the test to adhere to the directions in order to view their results.

How Do I Check My TRCN PQE Results?

To check your PQE result, go to the TRCN webpage below and follow the procedures;

  • Visit the following link to view your TRCN PQE results
  • In the field provided, enter your TRCN PQE number, such as LA/IPJ/PQE/B019/S/00214.
  • Click Check My Result to see the results.
  • On the same page, you will see your TRCN result.
  • All teachers and candidates can visit their neighborhood TRCN offices, NUT offices, and other TRCN Registration places to confirm the status of their TRCN results.
  • Teachers and people who took the TRCN 2020 Nov/Dec PQE and failed it are eligible to re-register and retake the exam using the updated materials.

What is the Pass Mark for TRCN Exam?

50%, or half of the questions asked, is the required passing mark for the TRCN exam.

How Do I Collect My TRCN Certificate?

TRCN licenses are available for collection from any TRCN state office, including the FCT.

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TRCN Frequently Asked Questions

Does TRCN Certificate Expire?

Every three (3) years, a teacher must renew their license. The instructor must possess: paid their annual fees on time for those three (3) years in order to have their license renewed.

Is TRCN Form for 2023 Out?

The TRCN Recruitment Form for 2023–2024 is available. Application Form for the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria for 2023, To assist you apply for the position, review the job requirements, the application process, and other relevant information.

What is the Pass Mark for TRCN Exam?

The passing score on the TRCN exam is 50% or half of the questions that were asked.

What is the Benefit of TRCN Certificate?

To guarantee that Nigeria’s teacher training institutions adhere to both local and global standards. to provide teachers and aspiring teachers with essential professional training before allowing them to engage in full-time teaching.

Is TRCN Recognised Internationally?

A step towards the professionalization of the teaching profession in the nation was taken with the receipt of the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) Certificate of Compliance by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

How Much is TRCN License in Nigeria?

You must pay a fee in line with your qualifications to obtain a teaching license. For instance, deposit N5 000 for a Ph.D., N4 000 for a master’s, N3 000 for a degree, and NCE N2,000 into your TRCN account, then present the bank teller with your identification, your TRCN registration number, and your signature so that the Council may process your license application.

Is TRCN a Professional Exam?

The first round of TRCN’s professional qualifying tests has over 11,350 applicants. On Saturday, more than 11,350 applicants from all around the nation took part in the inaugural batch of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria’s PQE, or Professional Qualifying Examination.

Is TRCN Compulsory?

According to its statutory mandate, the TRCN administers regular exams, which are required of all teachers wishing to obtain their license in order to determine their level of competence and proficiency before being issued the necessary certificate to allow them to engage in the profession as true professionals.

What is the Name of TRCN Registrar?

Professor Josiah Olusegun Ajiboye is the CEO and Registrar of TRCN.

What is the Area of Concentration for TRCN Exam?

The four subject areas that make up a TRCN exam are English language, mathematics, general studies relevant to the teaching profession, and current affairs. A TRCN exam is a computer-based examination (CBT).

How Many Questions Are Set in TRCN Exam?

The Nigerian Teachers Registration Council typically sets 100 objective questions to be answered in one hour. The second question is: Are TRCN Exams Computer-Based Tests (CBT)? To that, I say YES.

How Do I Verify my TRCN Certificate?

You may rapidly confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of a TRCN Licence via the Licence Verification website, an online self-service. Each awarded license is valid for three years.

Where is the Headquarter of TRCN?

Before that, be aware that the TRCN offices are located in Abuja, Nigeria, at 12 Oda Street, off Aminu Kano Crescent.

What are the Programs or Activities of TRCN?

The following programs are now in use to carry out the TRCN’s primary duties: licensing, registration, and recruitment of certified teachers; initiatives to license and oversee teacher education and training. It also involves keeping up institutions for instructors.

Is there a TRCN Office in Ilorin?

Lagorin Street, next to the SUBEB Office, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Can TRCN Exam be Done Online?

For Nigerian education graduates living abroad who were not registered with the council, the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) will start offering the Teachers’ Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) online.

How Can I Get a Teaching Job in the UK From Nigeria?

Qualified teacher status (QTS) and a teaching position at an English school are prerequisites before you can submit a visa application. The skilled worker visa is the primary method of entry for non-UK teachers in England. You must look for a teaching position in England before you can submit an application for a skilled worker visa.

Can I Do Masters Abroad Without NYSC?

Yes, you must. All Nigerian graduates, whether they were born in Nigeria or abroad, must complete the NYSC course if they intend to return and eventually work in government. You want to enroll in a Masters’s program, but first, you must complete the NYSC.