Zambia Army Recruitment: Zambia Army Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024

Candidates for the Zambia army recruitment 2023/2023 Shortlist: The following candidates have made the Zambia Army’s shortlist for the years 2023–2024″ Do you want to look at the finalists for the Zambian Defence Force?

If so, I have the pleasure to let you know that by taking the short procedures explained in this article, you can find the whole list of selected applicants for the just completed ZNS recruitment exercise.

Have you applied for a position in the Zambian army and are awaiting the announcement of the names of those who have been shortlisted?

Have Zambia Army 2023/2024 Candidates Been Announced?

Over 5,000 candidates were selected for Defense Forces roles after 236,000 applications were received for positions in the Zambia Army, Zambia National Service, and Zambia Air Force.

With only 5,000 available slots, the competition was intense. The successful candidates’ names will be announced in the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, and Ministry of Defense website on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The next phase involves the shortlisted candidates reporting to provincial centers on June 18, 2023.

Update For the Zambia Army’s 2023 Shortlist

Government completes shortlisting for military duty; selected candidates’ names are to be announced on Feb 24, 2023.

Defense Minister Lufuma confirms ongoing security verification for shortlisted individuals. Prompt disclosure efforts are underway.

Minister urges patience as government finalizes employment process amid 200,000+ applicants for limited positions in Zambian Army, Air Force, and National Service.

Steps to Download 2023 Zambia Army Shortlisted Applicants

  • Start by visiting Here which is the ZNS portal.
  • Using the menu bar, select a career.
  • Choose one of the shortlisted applicants by moving down the page.
  • The downloaded file can be viewed using any PDF viewer.
  • Go to the search bar and type in your name or application number.

Internet access is necessary to instantly access your information if you’re among the shortlisted candidates.

What’s My Next Step After Reviewing Zambia Army’s Shortlist?

Once you have confirmed your inclusion in the shortlist, the subsequent task is to gather all your academic certificates and essential documents.

Ensure that you have all the required paperwork ready for the upcoming stages of the process.

For any further questions or inquiries regarding the shortlisted candidates for the Zambian army recruitment, kindly leave your comments in the designated section below.

Feel free to seek additional information or clarification as needed.

Zambia Army Recruitment Frequently Ask Questions  

How to Apply for Military in Zambia?

For ZNS recruitment, visit, follow the instructions, select the desired position, provide accurate information, upload the required documents, and submit the application.

How Much Do Zambia Soldiers Get Paid in Zambia?

With a qualification or diploma, an Army Officer in Zambia can make an average salary of 48,200 ZMW. Bachelor of Arts.

How Long is Zambia ARMY Training?

The Zambian Defence Force has always risen to difficulties and pursued military greatness. The 10 weeks of training have been challenging, but they have.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Join the Army?

Enlist as a soldier: no qualifications needed. Technical roles require specific qualifications—details in role finder.

How Many Months Does Army Training Last?

Army’s Basic Combat Training (BCT) lasts nine weeks. OSUT combines basic and job training, excluding reception time.

What is the Work of Zambia Army?

The Zambian Army works to protect the territorial integrity of the Republic of Zambia, uphold its sovereignty, and maintain international peace.

What Does the Zambia Defence Force Consist of?

Zambia’s armed forces are known as the Zambian Defence Force. The Zambian Army, Zambian Air Force, and Zambia National Service make up this force.

Can You Quit the Army?

To get out of the military, you need to be discharged. Unlike many other positions, you cannot simply just quit the military once you are on active duty. You may choose to finish out a contract and then not renew.

Is Zambia a US ally?

The diplomatic relationship between the United States of America and Zambia can be characterized as warm and cooperative. Relations are based on their shared experiences as British colonies, both before, after and during the struggle for independence.

What Are the Types of Military in Zambia?

Zambia’s Defense Force (ZDF) comprises the Zambian National Service (ZNS), Air Force, and Army. ZDF prioritizes domestic defense, given Zambia’s landlocked status and absence of a fleet.